Adult Head/Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI)

A TBI is defined by law as “A sudden insult or injury to the brain or its covering, not of a degenerative nature. Such insult may result in altered state of consciousness and may result in a decrease of mental, cognitive (thinking), behavioral, or physical functioning.” Although stroke, aneurism, and brain infection are also brain injuries, they do not meet the definition set by law, and therefore are not covered by the program; however, resources and education can still be given for survivors and family members of these conditions.

Please contact us at 816-404-8426 or 816-404-9421.


  • Case management
  • Evaluation and assessment of needs
  • Information/Education on cause/effects of head injury/TBI and prevention of injuries resulting from brain injury
  • Service plan of interventions to meet the individual’s needs
  • Assistance in locating/assessing services such as: medical care, housing, counseling, transportation, rehabilitation, vocational training, and annual evaluations and updates.


Jackson County Health Department
313 S. Liberty Street
Independence, MO 64050